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Are you looking for vehicle adaptations in Lincolnshire? We offer disability car adaptations as well as motorhome towbar fitting for customers throughout the local area.

Disability Car Adaptations

To describe car adaptation, it is a modification that enables those with disabilities or severe injuries to have more mobility while driving or as passengers in the car. Often, when a car's structure is not suitable for a disabled or injured person, engineers can adapt the chosen vehicle to suit the drivers or passenger's likings and comfort, allowing them to drive free of struggle. 

Wheelchairs, either manual or electric, can then transport onto and around different vehicles with far more ease and control. Car adaptations can include features or methods of better steering, speed control and signalling. Engineers in the field often use electric hoists or overhead storage to help transfer mobility scooters or wheelchairs for the disabled into a vehicle's boot. 

Lincoln Towbar And Mobility Centre can collect and install several car adaptations from our partners leading makes and trustworthy brands (Motability accredited) such as Jeff Gosling, Autochair, Guidosimplex and many more, complete with a full manufacturer warranty. 

Motorhome Towbar Fitting

We can install many functions for your motorhome. Our company strives to enable you to tow a trailer, car or carry any scooters or bicycles safely and comfortably. We install a range of high-quality, reliable, secure leading brands and manufacturers of your cars and vans, including Westfalia, Thule, Witter, Bosal, PCT, Linnepe and TowTrust.

Our independent services also offer our customers and clients numerous accessories and hand controls for your motorhome to heighten your travelling experience and ensure a smoother ride. 

Our company down in Lincolnshire offers three types of towbar fittings for your motorhome; Swan Neck, Detachable Swan Neck and the Fixed-2-Bolt Flange. We supply and fit each of these types should you be eligible to require them. Our most popular and common motorhome towbar fit type, most widely approved, is the swan neck design.  

Motorhome Towbar Fitting

Car & Van Towbars

When getting towbars fixed on your car or van for the road, we can offer you the choices of swan necks, detachable and retractable towbars or the traditional; 2-bolt fixed flange. These come with security options as they are available with lock and key towbars for extra safety. 

You can call to contact us to discuss with our professionals your towing requirements, an appointment for fixing jobs. We will happily supply you with the perfect towbars necessary for you. 

Car & Van Towbars

CamperVan Accessories

Lincoln Towbar And Mobility Centre acquires a wide range of camper van accessories for customers and clients to choose from to enhance their journey, road trips and holiday adventures. 

We can supply camper van solar panels and our camper van awnings, all of which you can purchase at our workshops in Lincolnshire. 

Please contact us by phone, contact form or email, if you are interested in the details of any of the accessories we offer, and our professionals can provide further information.  

CamperVan Accessories

How Will Motability Adaptations Benefit Me?

There are multiple ways Motability adaptations to a vehicle can benefit the lives of drivers and passengers. Essentially, they make driving and travelling a lot easier and more comfortable for any who may have disabilities or suffer from any injuries that make driving difficult.

What Is The Motability Scheme?

Car modifications fall into three categories; they help someone get and out of a car or vehicle, they stow a scooter or wheelchair inside, and they help you drive more comfortably. Adaptations are available for no extra cost or allowance after their initial fitting at the beginning of your lease. The Motability Scheme offers around 500 vehicle adaptations, which we provide to our local customers and clients throughout Lincoln. 

There is no need for worry as our business is registered, authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. Every installation with us and the many journeys you make afterwards will be safe, cost-efficient and comfortable.

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We are happy to answer questions or offer advice on any modifications you are looking for and any relevant insurance inquiries you may have. 

We can provide you with a free quote or an estimate for your chosen adaptations during our discussion. 

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