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If you are looking for camper van awnings or camper van solar panels in the Lincoln And Lincolnshire area, get in touch. We are specialists in campervan accessories.

Here at MotorHome Towbars, our store offers many types of equipment, accessories and components for camper vans. 

If you are searching for specific items to enhance your travelling experience, ensure privacy, security, and overall improve the journey you embark on, we supply many items and accessories to suit all types of campervan.

Campervan Accessories Lincoln And Lincolnshire

We have such an extensive range of all the items you can comprehend for each of your desired camping and caravaning activities. 

Our centre offers outdoor chairs, fuses, wire cables, towbars, batteries, solar panels, toilet chemicals, specialised covers, and much more. Even if you require something new or from the range that may be out of stock, we'll do the utmost to provide it for you in tip-top condition. 

At MotorHome Towbars, we ensure that we regularly review our product prices to guarantee that we are providing the most and best value for your money. 

Our company can provide Campervan Awnings and Campervan Panels directly from our showrooms and accessory shop near Lincoln in Lincolnshire. So follow the COVID-19, 2021 guidelines and pop into the shop for a good look round.

If you have any questions about any of our caravan services or products available, give us a call today at any time during opening hours. Please contact us via the contact form on our website or via email if you cannot do so. 

Our friendly professionals will be happy to help and provide you with any advice or information on caravans and motorhomes accessories. We can even offer a free quote or estimate costs with you. 

Camper Van Awnings

We supply Campervan and Motorhome Awnings of the most refined Italian design and available for supply and installation for all our customers in Lincoln and the Lincolnshire area. 

We here at MotorHome Towbars can complete a full installation of the easy-to-use F45S Awning. Its parts are incredibly functional for outdoors and compact, perfect for bringing along with you on your holidays or travels to enhance your experience. 

Camper Van Awnings

The F45S model can fit inside an aluminium case; it is excellent for travel as it takes up far less space. The Fiamme F45S Awning is incredibly safe with its easy-to-hook winch loop. It is durable and robust so that it may last you many years. We strive to offer you the UK's largest, most cost-efficient leading name brands. 

Campervans have LED lights; this accessory can illuminate your evenings under the awning, enabling you to see the surrounding scenery perfectly. It has a one-way roll giving you the ability to roll the fabric in the correct direction. 

The camper van awning allows for silent and speedy closing as it has perfect positioning and auto-lock. It comes with secure locking meaning its legs can fix into the ground or to a nearby wall. The overall height of its lead bar is adjustable for extra telescopic safety. 

It has dual shock absorption to protect you against harmful or harsh weathering and a bracket used to absorb winds or storms. The arms have, solid parts, reinforced with steel cables to ensure it stays put. 

Camper Van Solar Panels

Another camper van accessory that is highly useful on the road is solar panels or Photovoltaic modules (PV). Here at MotorHome Towbars, we can install and supply these solar panel accessories for your campervan. 

Campervan solar panels have various uses; they can keep your camper vans/caravan batteries fully charged. When mains supplies are not as accessible or available, they can provide power in remote locations. 

Power cuts will no longer affect you, and solar panels parts can reduce a great deal of the caravans carbon footprint as it lessens your reliance on getting mains supply power. 

Camper Van Solar Panels

There are also so many other additional benefits that go along with using camper van solar panels parts whilst you are travelling. PV solar panels are vastly long-lasting because they are of such high quality and have heavy-duty roof brackets that secure positioning. They have various wattages available to customers and have standard heavy-duty solar cables.

Solar panels use fixings and adhesives, and they are highly efficient due to their Monocrystalline Silicon cell construction. They are ISO TUV CE certified and consented by their manufacturers in the UK to ensure they are safe for use and suitable for motorhomes. 

Campervan solar panels, just like most other road or vehicle accessories, go under frequent tests and inspections to ensure your safety and use. 

If you require campervan accessories in Lincoln and Lincolnshire get in touch. We specialise in fitting camper van awnings or camper van solar panels.

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