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If you are looking for Disability Car Adaptations in the Lincoln or Lincolnshire area, get in touch today. We can modify your car to sit your personal requirements.

Here is a compiled list of just some of the modifications we offer here at MotorHome Towbars down in Lincolnshire. You can check these against your condition and find which ones will suit you best to enhance your driving experience. 

  • Transfer plates
  • Steering Aids, i.e. Steering Ball Attachment 
  • Remote Control Devices (These make it easier to operate car functions, such as indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights)
  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Hand Controls (for push/pull acceleration)
  • Boot Hoists (for easy transfer of your mobility scooter or wheelchair)
  • Rooftop Stowage (perfect for cars with limited boot space)
  • Electric Person Hoist
  • Swivel Seats (for easier access to your car)

Motability Scheme Adaptations 

We can offer our customers government Motability Scheme adaptations and any servicing or maintenance that they require. Our professional team can take your chosen new car and modify it to suit you and your requirements. 

People with disabilities may find it challenging or impossible to operate a standard vehicle that doesn't precisely adjust to their needs or what their bodies can handle. 

Adaptations provide a higher rate mobility component of personal independence payment, allowing you to drive independently without struggle or worries of costs. 

Suppose you have bought or intend to purchase a car with standard foot pedals and accelerators; however, you are someone who suffers from a condition or injury where you cannot use one or both of your legs. 

Motability engineers can take your vehicle and modify it to use it with the abilities and limbs you are akin to daily. It is critical to do plenty of research before investing in an expensive purchase such as a car, van or motorhome so that you can ensure engineers are fully able to adjust the vehicle model you desire. 

Disability Car Adaptations Lincolnshire

What Is A Mobility Car Adaptation?

Adaptations provide a range of devices for your car or vehicle to enhance your driving experience so that travelling becomes much more accessible. 

The Mobility Scheme services offer 500 different vehicle adaptations for no extra advance payment cost at the start of your lease. 

Common adaptations assist you in driving no matter the mileage and reduce any struggles you could encounter. Specialists can stow your wheelchair or scooter and help you get in and out of your vehicle. 

How Do Disabled Drivers Adapt To Their Cars?

People with disabilities frequently worry that driving or even riding in a car could be an uncomfortable experience or something even impossible to achieve. 

However, this is no longer the case as many highly experienced and trained engineers can adapt a vehicle to provide accessible usage for disabled people.

Ensure that before you purchase your vehicle, it is a vehicle that an engineer can efficiently adapt to meet your requirements. Be sure to contact the company to carry out any adaptations that you are seeking so that they may confirm your chosen model is suitable for modifications. 

Adaptations on your vehicle cost money and insurance; however, should you struggle in paying any advance payment with a disability living allowance, you may be eligible to receive some financial assistance that will go towards it. 

Depending on your age, if your vehicle needs adaptations, you might be entitled to WPMS (War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement), a Motability allowance benefit paid with War Disablement Pension. It ensures that older disabled recipients or those in the armed forces are eligible for any necessary vehicle modification. 

The service assists these elderly customers with any payments covering the overall costs or fuel costs through the Motability Scheme, ensuring you do not pay any road tax. 

Installing new items or controls into your vehicle can guarantee comfortability and achieve a much safer driving experience. Some of the things engineers can install for you are hand-operated brakes, a control column style accessory to assist you in steering and acceleration controls. 

Are you looking for disability car adaptations in Lincoln and Lincolnshire? Please contact us on the telephone or via email during our opening hours Mon-Fri. Our friendly professionals are happy to oblige and assist you. Customers may receive any advice and details on adaptations and a free quote for the modifications discussed. 

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