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Are you looking for Motorhome Towbar Fitters in Lincoln and Lincolnshire? We offer motorhome tobars from the leading manufacturers including  Towtrust, Witter, Memo and Linnepe.

Best Motorhome Towbar Brands

Here at MotorHome Towbars, we are proud that our specialists can install motorhome/caravan tow bars and perform mobile towbar fitting services. 

We work with and can offer our customers some of the best manufacturers and leading brands from Towtrust, Memo, Linnepe and Witter. 

These are all tremendous reliable, high-quality brands that can provide much security for your trailers and cars for towing around your scooters and bicycles. 

All brands mentioned offer a wide variety of motorhome accessories to enhance your driving experience, making you much more comfortable and at ease on long journeys. 

Tow-Trust Motorhome Towbar Fitters Lincoln and Lincolnshire

Tow-Trust is one of the largest approved brands of motorhome towbars in the UK. They are ideal for customers who desire assurance that their vehicle has complete protection. 

Tow-Trust offers its customers a comprehensive range of detailed accessories like custom made rear beams that protect your vehicle and heavy-duty lightweight rear steps. 

Witter Motorhome Towbar Fitters Lincoln and Lincolnshire

Witter are also an excellent brand for towbars. Professionals test their equipment and towbars to regulation 55; they are put through various image developments and tests to ensure you and your cargo safely transports. 

Witter offer around 5,000 towbars with designs that are to be compatible with each of your specifications and requirements. No stressing about the budget is necessary, as Witter towbars can ensure high-quality and great value for your money. 

Memo Motorhome Towbar Fitters Lincoln and Lincolnshire

Memo is another fantastic towbar brand. Their towbars are relatively easy to fit and align with the maximum capacity according to EG regulations. The towbars require no welding or bolds onto the chassis of your motorhome. 

Memo towbars have substantial extensions due to their innovative and brand new fixing. They are of a great price and offer their customers a speedy delivery. 

Linnepe Motorhome Towbar Fitters Lincoln and Lincolnshire

Lastly, Linnepe is another fantastic brand for motorhome towbars. They are permanently resistant to rusting due to their KTL-coating, even though they are steel-made. 

Linnepe motorhome towbars have a coating that protects them long term from corrosion and is highly effective in doing so. 

It allows it to become resistant to saltwater; those who live in coastal areas or will be travelling to or around them won't have to stress about scratch or stone chipping during constant travel. 

Each towbar they service and produce has EC type approval and are free of registration. 

Can A Towbar Be Fitted To Any Car?

If you already have yourself a towbar and wish you transfer it onto another vehicle, it should be able to be a done job. However, you may only switch it onto a car or vehicle that is the same model. 

That way, it should have all the correct mechanisms for this to be done accurately and safely. It must still comply with the standard EU regulations, be in good working, safe conditions and be type-approved. 

Second-hand towbars need additional testing and checking before fitting by a local fitter for your safety. In case there are any existing faults that you may be unaware of, to ensure, it is then road legal and safe to use. 

Motorhome Towbars That We Install:

Here at MotorHome Towbars, our business can service, supply and fit all three towbar fitting installations for your motorhome. The most commonly searched for towbar type that we supply in Lincoln being the Swan Neck. 

Swan Neck

It is the most common mobile fitting towbar type in the UK and EU. Essentially, it is where the neck and tow ball all become one piece of the towbar. Whilst it is somewhat of a less versatile towbar fitting installation than the flange style, you can tow or attach a bicycle or scooter carrier.

Detachable Swan Neck

They are vertical mounting systems that can entirely hide behind the vehicle's bumper when you remove it. The towbar then becomes utterly invisible to notice once detached. 


A flange ball towbar has two specific parts that you may easily distinguish - the tow ball and the tow neck. These two bolts together create the actual towbar and allow for towing with much more versatility and movement. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tow Bar Fitted?

It is far cheaper to install a permanent or fixed towbar instead of a swivelling or detachable towbar. 

When getting your towbar fitted, the starting costs can be around £250 - £450. The overall charge also affects and covers the electric kits, which can be around £50 - £100. The total cost of materials is somewhere from £140 up to about £570. 

All the details and prices depend exclusively on the model, and the costs of installations can start at £300. The capacity also affects the overall price due to the number of materials used. 

Motorhome Towbar Fitters | Lincoln and Lincolnshire

Is It Illegal To Fit Your Own Towbar?

The UK introduced EC 94/20 type approval regulations in 1998 as part of European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. These regulations allow for passenger cars to be registered if they can fit them on with a towbar. EC94/20 standards require specific designs and manufacturers for them to be authorised. 

It is vital to have the correct instalment of a towbar under these regulations as it can be a dangerous task and highly illegal. However, you do not have to get your towbar installed professionally by towbar fitters. 

You don't require any necessary qualifications for the job. As long as the installation is following the instructions of the manufacturer, you may fit it yourself. 

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