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What Is A Motability Grant

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  • 30-03-2022
What Is A Motability Grant

What Is A Motability Grant?

Unfortunately, there are some individuals who may not have the ability to afford the kinds of Advance Payments necessary to purchase a vehicle and the needed adaptations to go along with the car. This means that these people may want to access the benefits of the Motability Scheme and receive a Motability Grant. 

Motability is a national UK charity that is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of disabled people by giving them access to transportation. 

In some cases, this can just mean helping them get around through having a minibus pick them up and take them for a day out, or it can mean offering a grant so they can gain access to a vehicle of their own. Motability gives disabled people the freedom and independence that many of us take for granted on the daily.

Motability currently offers the Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme. This scheme has been put together in order to provide advance payments towards a Motability Scheme car and any of the adaptations or car manufacturer options that would be needed in order for the user to comfortably operate the vehicle.

The grant can also cover any adaptations that are needed in the middle of a car leasing period due to a change in circumstances or worsening conditions. 

For example, if a person obtains a vehicle with adaptations and then their mobility worsens even further in the coming months, they may require more changes to the vehicle. This is all covered in the Motability Grant, striving to always give people with disabilities the option to drive both safely and comfortably. 

If you do get in contact with Motability, their team of expert Case Managers and Driving Advisors will need to interview you in order to gather information about your mobility needs. 

This is done to ensure that the vehicle and adaptations that Motability fund are right for you. Through the information that you provide to Motability, their team will meticulously consider your specific circumstances, and when it comes to applying for financial help with an advance payment, you will be provided with a grant award letter that will include a list of all the vehicles and adaptation choices that would be perfect for you.

Adapting A Car For A Disabled Driver

Who Can Apply For A Motability Grant?

The team at Motability prioritise grants, for the Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme, to people who:

wheel chair
  • Are wanting to join the Motability Scheme but cannot afford the costs associated with the Advance Payment of a vehicle or the necessary adaptations to go along with it.
  • Presently hold a current lease agreement on the Motability Scheme which is due to end soon and they cannot afford the cost of the advance payment for their next Scheme vehicle and necessary adaptations.

Every grant application that is turned into Mobility is means-tested. This ensures that Mobility supports the people who are the most in the need of financial help. It also means that Mobility can assist as many beneficiaries as possible using the charity funds that they have available. Mobility will take a deep look at your financial situation, including your savings and household income. If Motability deems that you are able to make a contribution to the cost of the vehicle and adaptations yourself then this may be written as a condition in part of your grant award. This is done to ensure that Motability's funds are not wasted when they could potentially be used to help a person in need elsewhere.

Motability will not be able to award a grant if you have already ordered a vehicle and are now seeking money to fund the purchase. This is done because when you place an application for a Motability Grant, a team of case managers will carefully consider your specific circumstances and come to a conclusion on which vehicles the charity is prepared to fund based on your specific necessary mobility needs.

Motability have specific policies and the charity sticks to them strictly. All grants are awarded in accordance with these policies and following the careful consideration of information shared with the application itself. All grant awards given by Motability are final. The only exceptions are the awards where further compelling information is needed. Any applications that do not meet the funding priorities of Motability will not receive any funding from the grant.

How do I apply for a grant?

We would recommend, to get started with the process of applying for a Motability Grant and make initial enquiries, to contact the Motability Scheme's Customer Services team. This can be done through the following number: 0300 456 4566.

This team will be able to provide you with more information about the charity, and if needed, they will be able to refer you to the charity itself.

If you do place an application for a charitable grant with Motability, then it will be allocated to a case manager who will then consider your specific case. During a busy period, it can take several weeks for your applications to be assigned to a case manager. This means you will have to wait for your case manager to get in touch with you in order to receive any updates on the status of your current applications.

Of course, Motability only has a certain amount of money they can spend. This means that unfortunately, they cannot offer grants to everyone. To make the best use of the funds they have available, Motability will award their grants based on each person's individual circumstances and other mobility needs.

car interior

Scheme-Related Grants

Though the wide majority of Motability Scheme users predominantly simply use their given mobility allowance to lease a vehicle they require to have freedom in their daily lives, there are some who are still unable to afford the Advance Payment on a vehicle and any necessary adaptations they may need in order to gain access to the many benefits of the Motability Scheme. 

Through Motability's selection of Scheme-Related Grant Programmes, you can apply for financial help towards the following:

  • Complex Driving Solutions Grant Programme 
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) Grant Programme 
  • Cars and Vehicle Adaptation Grant Programme

In order to ensure that Motability makes the best use out of the funds that they have available, they will award cost-effective grant solutions that are based upon each individual disabled person's mobility. The individual's needs are taken into consideration, and wants are not discussed.

Access to Mobility Grants

Motability also offers grants to disabled people who may have difficulties affording the costs associated with transportation needs. This is exactly why Motability set up the Mobility Grant Funding Programme. This grant was put in place to support the idea that no disabled person should be left disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation. 

At present, Motability has the following grant programmes available through their Access to Mobility Grant Funding: 

  • Driving Lessons Grant Programme
  • Access to Work Grant Programme
  • Additional Transitional Support Grant Programme
  • Transitional Support Package
  • Stopped Allowance Support Programme

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